Vacation Destination – Costa Rica vs Nicaragua

Costa Rica Magazine

Many individuals and families planning their next vacation to Central America always debate whether to do Costa Rica or Nicaragua.   … [Read more...]

San Cristóbal Volcano

Nicaragua's Best Volcano Hikes

San Cristóbal Volcano in Chinandega is Nicaragua’s highest active volcano, last small eruption was in 2008.  This beautiful cone-shaped volcano is 5,725 feet high (1,745 meters) and has five other volcanoes around it.   … [Read more...]

Cosiguina Volcano Chinandega Nicaragua


Cosiguina Volcano is located at the very north of the Pacific coastline of Nicaragua. Cosiguina’s biggest eruption was on January 20, 1835 with ashes from the eruption reaching as far as Mexico and Jamaica. … [Read more...]

Visiting Nicaragua Today

Visiting Nicaragua Today

Nicaragua is a wonderful country that has advanced light years when it comes to attracting foreign visitors. During the 1980’s there was only a handful of foreigners throughout the entire country and pretty much all of them were not visiting Nicaragua for pleasure. Most were journalists, missionaries, diplomats, or goodwill ambassadors. … [Read more...]

Odd Attractions in Nicaragua

Fun Things to do in Nicaragua

Everyone on vacation to Nicaragua has planned ahead their trip itinerary.  The itinerary usually includes Granada, San Juan del Sur, surfing, volcanoes, kayaking and more.  There are still some fun attractions that visitors can take in while they are in this beautiful country.  Here is a few of the odd attractions in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Solentiname Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge

Best of Solentiname Nicaragua

The Archipelago of Solentiname on the southern end of Lake Nicaragua is a true gem.  Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge on Solentiname has beauty, history and more that makes it an attractive tourist destination in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Best Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua – Rio Indio Eco-Lodge

Best Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua

The Rio Indio Eco-Lodge is truly a unique experience unlike any other in Nicaragua.  Rio Indio Lodge is located in the Rio Maíz National Park on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua near the Rio San Juan.  … [Read more...]

Alternatives to the Tourist Hot Spots in Nicaragua

Avoiding Nicaraguan Tourist Hot Spots

Many that visit Nicaragua want to take in what this beautiful country has to offer but don’t want visit the “usual” tourist hot spots.  Here is alternative on what to see and do in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Tourism for 2012

Nicaragua Gran Pacifica Pool

Tourism in Nicaragua continues to grow while in many places in the world it is scaling back due to world economy or other local factors like in Mexico.  … [Read more...]

Where to Visit in Nicaragua Guide


Nicaragua offers travelers and visitors many different fun attractions to see.  How to maximize a trip depends on the type of traveler one is.  Here is a guide on what to see and do depending on your definition of an ideal vacation. … [Read more...]