Solentiname Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge

Best of Solentiname Nicaragua

The Archipelago of Solentiname on the southern end of Lake Nicaragua is a true gem.  Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge on Solentiname has beauty, history and more that makes it an attractive tourist destination in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Best Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua – Rio Indio Eco-Lodge

Best Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua

The Rio Indio Eco-Lodge is truly a unique experience unlike any other in Nicaragua.  Rio Indio Lodge is located in the Rio Maíz National Park on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua near the Rio San Juan.  … [Read more...]

Where to Visit in Nicaragua Guide


Nicaragua offers travelers and visitors many different fun attractions to see.  How to maximize a trip depends on the type of traveler one is.  Here is a guide on what to see and do depending on your definition of an ideal vacation. … [Read more...]

El Chocoyero Nature Reserve

Best of Nicaragua Nature Reserves

Nicaraguan tourist attractions like El Chocoyero Nature Reserve is a great attraction for bird watchers and all nature lovers.  This nature reserve is located just 30 minutes from Nicaragua's capital, Managua near the  Masaya Highway.  The name “Chocoyero” comes from the birds that nest in this reserve.  … [Read more...]

Best of Rio San Juan Nicaragua

Best of Nicaragua Rio San Juan

Rio San Juan (San Juan River) is one of the great off the map destinations in Nicaragua. The river the flows from Lake Nicaragua to the caribbean coastline is a 45 minute flight from Managua or a 14 hour ferry ride from Granada, the Rio San Juan is located in the middle of a beautiful Nicaraguan rain forest jungle.   … [Read more...]

Best Hiking in Nicaragua – Peñas Blancas

Best Hiking in Nicaragua

Hiking the beautiful Peñas Blancas in northern Nicaragua is definitely a nice treat for those outsiders coming to Nicaragua.  However, few visitors to Nicaragua set foot in this beautiful area and most locals have never even seen Peñas Blancas with their own eyes because it several hours away from Managua, near the Honduran border. … [Read more...]

Best Nicaraguan Turtle Beach – La Flor

Best Beaches in Nicaragua La Flor

The La Flor Wildlife Reserve is one of the most unique beaches in Nicaragua.  It is located south of San Juan del Sur where much of the beach development is happening along the coastline. … [Read more...]

Best Matagalpa Attractions

Matagalpa Nicaragua Attractions

The region of Matagalpa is among the most picturesque tourist destinations in all of Nicaragua.  Located a couple hours outside of Managua, the lush green hills surround the city of Matagalpa frame the city beautifully. With the rain forest covered mountains, the waterfalls along the mountainsides and the nearby coffee plantations that line much of the hills, there is much to do for you adventurous visitors. … [Read more...]

Northern Nicaragua’s Miraflor Natural Reserve

Miraflo Natural Reserve Park for Eco-Tourism

If you are ever getting sick of the heat on the pacific side of Nicaragua consider a trip up the mountains for your next stop on your Nicaraguan site seeing tour.  Up in the mountains is a great option for eco-tourism, the Miraflor natural reserve.  It is located about 30 km away from the beautiful town of Esteli.  From Managua it is between a 3 to 4 hour drive.  It was declared a natural reserve in 1990 and covers over 200 square kilometers of wildlife, lush greenery, waterfalls, and coffee farms. … [Read more...]

Morgan’s Rock Eco-Resort

Nicaragua SJDS Morgan's Rock

If you choose to stay at Morgan’s Rock you are definitely in for a treat.  Morgan’s Rock is located about 25 minutes north of San Juan del Sur (driving).  It is a one of a kind eco tourism experience.  The goal of Morgan’s Rock and its staff is to provide guests with peace, harmony and relaxation of both the body and mind.  There have a nice private sandy beach for guests to relax on.  … [Read more...]