Common Questions To Ask A Landlord Before Renting A Flat

Moving to a new flat can be an exciting thing, but if you’re renting then you need to be careful about which landlord you go with to be sure you get a good deal and don’t find yourself being ripped off somewhere down the line. One question you should always ask a landlord before signing a lease is whether you have to pay any admin fees and, if so, how much they will be. If you sign the lease without checking, it will be harder to query any charges later.

You should also ask your landlord about the deposit. It sounds obvious, but ask them exactly how much the deposit will be so you won’t be caught out later. All good landlords will be happy to give you details on this. You should also ask them what they do with the deposit once you hand over the money. Find out how they store it so you don’t have to worry about it until the time comes for you to move out and you want to claim it back from them.

One vital question you should always ask is exactly how much rent you will be paying. It may sound obvious, but people quite often get caught out by it. Ask the landlord how much the rent is and what the payment schedule is so you can plan your outgoings around it. You should also check to see what the landlord’s policy is on rent increases to make sure they won’t raise the price on you unexpectedly. Double check your contract to make sure they can’t do this.

Also ask your landlord about who will be responsible for paying the utility bills such as water and electricity. Sometimes, depending on your contract and rental agreement, this will be included in the price of the rent but often it is, so you need to double check to make sure. If it’s your responsibility to sort out utilities and you don’t, then you could find yourself in trouble. Also check to see who is responsible for maintenance of the flat: this will normally be the landlord.

Before you move into a flat, a lot of landlords will ask you for references to make sure you’re of good character. You should also ask them for references or testimonies from previous tenants – if possible, the previous tenants of the flat you want to rent – so you can find out what they’re like to live with as a landlord and see how satisfied other people are with the service. If they get a bad review from current or previous tenants, it might be worth you looking elsewhere.

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