Cosiguina Volcano Chinandega Nicaragua

Cosiguina Volcano is located at the very north of the Pacific coastline of Nicaragua. Cosiguina’s biggest eruption was on January 20, 1835 with ashes from the eruption reaching as far as Mexico and Jamaica.

Cosiguina gets far less publicity than many of its counterparts like Mombacho, Momotombo or Concepcion but that is mostly due to its location further away from the main tourist areas. Hike up to the top of this volcano and enjoy a breathtaking view at rim of Cosiguina’s crater. The rim boasts a diameter over two kilometers wide. The 500 meter steep crater has beautiful volcanic lake that few ever get to see with their own eyes.

One can either hike from the very bottom of the volcano which is an all day hike or the other option is to drive part of the way up and then hiking for about three hours. Hiring a guide is recommended for the hike. These guides know the volcano like the palm of their hand and it is just another way to ensure your safety going up the volcano.

Most hotels in the area can provide you a guide or help you find one to guide you up the mountain. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you share the memories of what you will experience on this AMAZING hike. Other essentials include sunglasses, water bottles, and a hat.

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