De-stress and unwindin in Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road

One of the best places for people in search of natural beauty, entertainment and a relaxed atmosphere is Apollo Bay, located in Victoria, Australia. Fortuitously positioned on the famous Great Ocean Road, it attracts numerous tourists. Additionally, for a tourist destination it is a small, relaxing place perfect for escaping the stress and hurried pace of work life. It is an excellent region to live or vacation in, and has something to offer everyone.

Attractions in the town and beach include the music festival and Great Ocean Sports Festival. You’ll also have the option of joining clubs like the Sailing Club, Surf Lifesaving Club, Pony Club and Golf Club, among many others. Your amusements will be endless, from swimming, excellent dining, horseback riding, and craft markets on the weekends.

There are also varied types of accommodation to satisfy a wide range of people and lifestyles. You can stay in an Apollo Bay cottage, bed and breakfast, or luxurious and romantic villa. Or you can try out a beach holiday house, forest retreat, rent an apartment, or stay in a hostel for campers. Locations on the beach are especially prized due to their stunning views of the water.

Among the bay accommodations, you can expect to find fully furnished and decorated huts with seaside gardens from which you can view the water, and amenities like blue ray DVD and high definition TV. Also with cover parking, a space where you can cook outdoors, and pet friendly, a vacation beach hut is perfect for a relaxing getaway.

There are additionally numerous villas located right off the Great Ocean Road. Overlooking the bay, the panoramic views are complemented by amenities like fire place and fire wood, high quality linen, a spa and a large sun deck.

There are also plenty of large private homes that create a luxury retreat atmosphere. Some are along the beach while others are situated above town in the forest. Not only do they afford you incredible forest vistas, you’re also in a great position to walk through the forest and enjoy the local plants and wildlife. Animals you may see include kookaburras, parrots, koalas, echidnas and wallabies. The properties come with features like two person spa bath and furnished decks facing the sea.

There are also accommodations like boutique motels. For instance, the Marengo Beach Break is a relaxing property that is especially popular with people who own dogs. Situated on an acre of land and located near both the Marengo Beach and Great Ocean Road, dogs are allowed off leash there all year long. Enjoy spacious gardens and fenced courtyards, plus easy access to the beach and bike path.

When deciding what kind of accommodations are best for you and your lifestyle, think about all of the options from the beach to rural living and residences within the town. Whether it’s forest scenes, beach views or the convenience of city life that appeals to you, there’s something for everyone. Once you’re there, enjoy tourist activities, sports, the stunning scenery, great food and a relaxing time in a lovely area.

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