Drinking Tap Water in Nicaragua

Most planning a visit to Nicaragua would assume the tap water in Nicaragua is unclean.  However that isn’t entirely true and Nicaragua actually has some of the cleanest tap water in Central America.  Clean Water in NicaraguaIn Managua the water is pretty safe to drink out of the faucet but in other cities away from Managua it is best to purchase bottled water.  If you are wondering what a bottled water looks like in Nicaragua, it looks the exact same as you would find back in the United States.

Even though the water is safe to drink in Managua, drinking different water from their home country can affect people in different way.  Visitors can take the extra precaution of drinking bottled water throughout for the entire trip in Nicaragua.  Bottle water is available everywhere from large grocery stores to gas stations to the small pulperias (convenience store).  Pulperias are all over the place, more common than a 7-11 store in the US.  They are usually run by families out of their home and they sell sodas, water, snacks and other basic goods.


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