Easy Exercises to Help With Back Pain

Back pain is changer’ id=’spin_26′ onclick=’ShowSpinOptions(26)’>common among people and this problem arises for sitting in the wrong posture. If your back pain is caused by your lifestyle habits then there certain exercises which will give you relief from the pain.

By following some simple exercises steadyly you can ease the back pain without having pain medicine . These exercises can be acted at home and you don’t require any workout structures for that.  If you have questions about the exercises you should consult a personal trainer, such as this Rancho Cucamona Personal Trainer.

tilt and lift: This exercise works on the muscles in your mid and lower back region and you can do in office as well. You can do it  during your break time when everyone is busy having their afternoon break at their desk or outside.  This exercise gains body flexibility and livens the muscles which otherwise grows stiff and numb when you sit for a long time. Sit down on a proper chair in a relaxed position. Then compress the muscle of one of your buttock and hold onto that structure for few seconds. Release the muscle and relax for sometime before repeating the process. For effective results you need to do fifteen to twenty reps in each buttock.

Hip Sway: This exercise can be done when you are standing for long hours. It improves blood circulation in the bottom part of the body and it alleviates the stiffness in your legs hips and back. It also strongly cures lower back pain which most people face whenever they have stand for quite a length of time.  Get into a standing position. Relax you left knee and push up your right hip to the side. Pull in your hip and repeat the process for fifteen to twenty times. Then start working on your left hip while relaxing your right knee.

Lifting: Get your self a bag which has long handles in order to perform this exercise. Fill up the bag to make it heavy, it should weigh at least a couple of pounds .

Keep your hands flat on your side and then bend your knees to touch to get hold of the bag kept on the floor. Pick up the back and stand up straight. Then again band your knees to put back the bag at the same place .  Repeat the process for at least fifteen times. You can change the position of the bag. For sometime, practice by keeping the bag your left side. Then change the position of the bag, keep it on your right side and practice.

Shrugging: This exercise is easy to perform and can be done anywhere and anytime. It keeps your neck and shoulder muscle flexible and reduces muscle stiffness. At the same time it keeps shoulder muscles and arms toned.  Shrug both the shoulder up to your ears and then stretch your hands out so that they are parallel to the ground. Then slant your head to one side of your shoulder and hold on to that position for some time. Get back to your original position and repeat the entire process. This time slant your head on the other side of your shoulder.

Practice these exercises on a regular basis until the pain goes away.

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