El Chocoyero Nature Reserve

Nicaraguan tourist attractions like El Chocoyero Nature Reserve is a great attraction for bird watchers and all nature lovers.  This nature reserve is located just 30 minutes from Nicaragua’s capital, Managua near the  Masaya Highway.  The name “Chocoyero” comes from the birds that nest in this reserve. 

Best of Nicaragua Nature ReservesThere is a wide variety of Pacific Green Parakeet that nest in this canyon.  Most of the birds nest along the canyon walls.  The birds take advantage of water that may flow down the walls.

In addition to the parakeets there are 113 different bird species including toucans and hummingbirds.  Aside from the extensive bird population visitors may be able to see 21 different reptile species and 49 species of mammals including capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, and deer.  One of the highlights of this reserve is that it allows visitors to camp out on the reserve.  For all of Nicaragua’s great natural beauty there are few places to camp out.  El Chocoyero is close enough to Managua and yet one feels like they are hundreds of miles from the city.  Visitors should be sure to make it all the way down to the El Brujo waterfall. 

Best Nature Reserves in Nicaragua

The reserve provides about twenty percent of Managua’s water consumption and is one of the primary reasons why this reserve has been protected from waste and contamination.  El Chocoyero Nature Reserve is definitely a great activity for those looking to stay close to Managua but at the same time experience some of the beauty Nicaragua has to offer.  If you have a free afternoon take the short drive on the Masaya Highway to the Chocoyero Reserve and witness different animal species in their natural habitat.

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