Experience Christmas in Nicaragua

Christmas in Nicaragua is a one of a kind experience.  Most Americans associate the Christmas season with cold temperatures, hot beverages and in some places snow. 

Nicaraguan Christmas Experience

In Nicaragua things are different with a Christmas vacation involving 80 degree temperatures, lounging on any number of beaches and hiking volcanoes and no sign anywhere that snow even exists.  It is a different kind of Christmas but definitely one you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

In Nicaragua during the month of December Nicaraguans are always hosting Christmas parties where the mood is always festive and happy.  Nicaraguans don’t need a reason to celebrate but Christmas is just another excuse for family and friends to get together.  Around Managua at all the super markets, malls and shopping centers you can hear Spanish versions of your favorite Christmas songs as well as ones you have probably never heard.  Nicaraguans celebrate on the night of Christmas Eve with a late night dinner and presents that are opened close to midnight.  At midnight there are also fire-crackers that go off around the whole country and it is especially loud in the city where it feels like a war is going on. 

Just a week later there is whole other celebration for the upcoming new year.  New Years Eve celebration is similar to Christmas with a big meal late in the night, lots of music but the amount of fire crackers that go off is much louder than any other time of the year.  For Americans who have never experienced this it is hard to imagine until you witness firsthand the noise and general excitement surrounding this festive time.  Nicaraguans are full of hope and excitement that the new year can bring change and new possibilities.  Come experience the holidays in Nicaragua.  You can be on a quiet secluded beach or in the city where the excitement builds.  Make it happen!

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  1. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    @Brian yes “La Purisima” is tomorrow I believe so the fireworks have been going for days now. I always wonder how people with such limited resources can afford to blow up so many skyrockets and m80s…but it is a joyful sort of chaos I suppose :)

  2. Brian says:

    Cheesy Spanish Christmas songs, Tacky Christmas decorations and lights throughout the city, Festive atmosphere with fireworks heard from probably everywhere around Managua, I miss it :(

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