Finding the right Bruny Island accommodation for your vacation

Bruny Island is actually two islands, North Bruny and South Bruny that are attached by an isthmus. It is located in southeastern Australia in the state of Tasmania. There are different Bruny Island accommodation options available from camping to luxury cottages, but the more popular choices seem to be bed and breakfast cottages and beach homes. It will all depend on how you want to experience the beaches and bush lands of this area.

The Bruny Island Beachside accommodations are new houses built in 2008. The beach house and apartments are equipped with sunny spacious decks great for barbecuing and watching the children play on the beach. They come fully equipped with washer and dryer, DVD/CD player, linens and comfortable beds and couches.

These units are located at Dennes Point just south of Hobart. They are within walking distance to the jetty where dolphin watching is a popular pastime. There are safe beaches for swimming and great walks by tranquil waters, bush areas and quietly grazing sheep. When you are ready to venture from the house drive to the Penguin Rookery and view the smallest penguins in the world.

Blackwood Studio Bed and Breakfast has newly renovated one-bedroom apartments situated in the peaceful area of Adventure Bay. The units have fully equipped kitchens, lounging area with all the modern conveniences and rear, private balconies overlooking a bush area where chances to view wildlife are abundant.
These studios are just minutes from one of Australia’s best beaches, Adventure Bay Beach. Shopping is close by and access to beach fishing, bush walking, swimming and bird watching are all readily available. The studio units are a great place for a couple’s getaway; they also have cottages, which are suited for family vacations.

Beautifully pine-lined rooms are what you will find in the St Clairs Luxury Cottage. The large room is emphasized with its cathedral ceiling. The cottage comes with a luxury spa enclosed at the end of the veranda that measured the same length as the unit. This is a great place to relax while watching wildlife walk across the yard. You will also experience some of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see.

Breathtaking scenery and many scenic spots that can easily be reached by car from the cottage. A number of walks go to remote and spectacular beaches. Adventure Bay is close by where boating and fishing are available. There are island charters that explore Bruny’s remote south coast, visit seal colonies and view magnificent scenery and wildlife from the water.

The Bruny Island Explorers Cottages are located in Lunawanna. Each unit sleeps up to four people and each has its own private balcony. They are equipped with cozy fireplaces so if you decide to go out for the day you will come home to a warm environment. The cottages are not far from the Cape Bruny Lighthouse, which is the oldest continuous lighthouse tower in Australia under Commonwealth control.

There are many options available when looking for the perfect accommodation in Bruny Island for your next visit to Tasmania. Based on what you want to see while in the area you should be able to find a place to stay, whether it’s a campground, hostel or luxury cottage, Bruny Island will have what you need.

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