Free Relocation Packages for Jacksonville, FL

J acksonville, Florida take pleasure in  an ideal location located on the St. Johns River. The atmosphere of this river city melds the best of Southern culture and cosmopolitan city living. Comprising over 750 square miles, Jacksonville is the second largest city in the nation in terms of land size, while it is only the fourteenth in terms of population. For residents of this city, this means all of the conveniences and opportunities of a major metropolis, without the hustle and bustle, traffic and congestion.

Jacksonville currently supports a population of approximately 773,781 residents. The median age of a resident here is thirty four years old, with an annual household income of around $40,316. The single largest employment sector in the region is the service industry, employing just under fifty percent of Jacksonville locals. Nearly twenty three percent of residents here work in a labor capacity, while approximately sixteen percent work in administrative support.

Additionally , there has been a concerted effort by city leaders to bring about even more employers to the downtown area. Their goal of making downtown Jacksonville the premier business location in Northeast Florida is sure to continue the region’s economic stability while bringing even more jobs to residents here.

Downtown has also become one of the most eventful places to live in Jacksonville. In fact, recent sales figures show that the majority of housing options in the city are condominiums in fifty-plus unit buildings. With the city’s convenient lifestyle, which includes a multitude of mixed-use retail and residential developments, downtown’s pedestrian lifestyle makes it an attractive option for singles, seniors and families alike. Two and three bedroom units are equally desirable here, with sales figures for each in a tie for first place. The housing costs for Jacksonville ranges from $175,000 to $250,000.

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