Hotel La Gran Francia

Hotel La Gran Francia is one of the most well-known hotels in Granada.  Located near the center of Granada, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city.  The building was in poor shape before it was remodeled in 1995 and turned into a classy, new hotel.

Granada Nicaragua Hotel La Gran Francia

The name of the hotel comes from its most famous inhabitant back when the building was still a house, Georges Choisseul Praslin, a French Duke.  As the story goes, he murdered his own wife, sought the help of King Louis Phillipe, feigned his own suicide, and moved to Granada where he lived in this same building.  The hotel offers the same beautiful architecture that the other hotels do.  They also have a second story with a balcony for guests to enjoy.  There are 21 rooms that come equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, internet access, safety deposit boxes and direct access to international telephone lines.  The hotel also has a banquet hall, pool and a full-service restaurant.  Rates range from $80 to $147 a night.

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