Hotel Plaza Colon

Hotel Plaza Colon provides a unique experience for its guests.  The fact that it is located just a block from the central park in Granada makes it an ideal place to stay for visitors to the city of Granada.  Plaza Colon also has 27 rooms including one suite.  Granada Nicaragua Hotel Plaza Colon

There are 4 balcony rooms on the second floor, which are great because just outside the room guests can relax as they watch the action happening on the street below.  This is a great place to be just before sunset- taking in Granada at its best! The hotel has a beautiful garden in the courtyard in addition to the pool for guests to enjoy.  From the beds to the rooms’ furniture the hotel is comfortable and complete with a modern décor.  Amenities include cable TV, air conditioning, hot water and more.  Rates range from $99 to $219 per night

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