ISA World Masters Surf Championship in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is just a few weeks away from hosting the biggest surf competition to ever take place in the heart of Central America. Hacienda Iguana Beach Resort will host the ISA World Masters Surf Championship from July 14-22.

This international competition invites the top surfers over the age of 35 from around the world. The Colorado beach break is one of the most consistent waves in Nicaragua pumping out barrels which should make for an excellent competition. Nicaragua’s adopted son JJ Yemma will participate in the competition representing Nicaragua. Nicaragua has many great surfers but most of the top local surfers are well below the age restriction. JJ has been in Nicaragua since the late 1990’s and should be very comfortable surfing Colorado which should give him an advantage over many of the other surfers participating in the competition.

This is probably just first of many surf competitions that will be held in Nicaragua in the coming years. This exposure might upset those that want Nicaragua’s surf breaks to themselves but it is to be expected of any world class destination. Eventually it will be discovered (it kind of already is) and the masses will flock to surf any of the endless number of surf breaks.


  1. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    I don’t know why, but JJ was not on the Nicaraguan team; too bad as we were looking for him on the beach. This was a very well run contest and had perfect surf on the last day for the finals. I blogged about it here:

    • Michael says:

      Yeah it is too bad he wasn’t able to compete. it was for a few reasons, first the ministry of tourism was going to grant him citizenship but for some reason he would’ve had to renounce his US citizenship. Plus on top of all that with the ISA I guess he needed to have turn 35 last year but he turned 35 a few months ago.

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