La Cocina de Doña Haydee

Have you been looking forward to trying authentic Nicaraguan food in a clean, comfortable and enjoyable environment?  La Cocina de Doña Haydee is the perfect place.  It is located in Managua, a block away of the main strip in town, the Masaya highway.  You will be able to try all the Nicaraguan food staples.

Nicaragua Magazine Authenitic Nicaraguan Food

The restaurant came to be from two sisters, Alicia and Irene Espinosa.  In 1996 they began a venture with the goal of sharing their mother’s cooking with everyone else.  In honor of their mother, Haydee Espinosa, the restaurant was appropriately named after her.  The literal translation of the name of the restaurant is “The Kitchen of Miss Haydee”.   With that vision of using their mother’s recipes they began there journey.

Dona Haydee Nicaraguan Food Indio ViejoFor appetizers they have quesillos, tostadas and vigoron. Among entrees they have carne asada, nacatamales and indio viejo.  Their indio viejo is award winning as the best in the country.  You must try it if you choose to stop by and enjoy a wonderful Nicaraguan meal!  The other two entrees are excellent choices as well.  The carne asada meat is usually soaked in a marinade for hours before cooking which gives it great flavor and an aromatic appeal.  In addition they offer soups of the day.  Every day is a different soup but they always offer an excellent chicken soup.  For dessert you can enjoy tres leches or pio quinto. You cannot go wrong with either of those moist deserts.  If you are unsure what these dishes consist of check out our article Best of Nicaraguan Cuisine.  The article describes of what many of these dishes consist.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating.   There is air condition in the indoor seating for those hot Managua days.  If you can sit outside and enjoy the ambiance, take advantage of it.   Two people can have an appetizer, two entrees and two beers for under $20.  They have the restaurant very well decorated and laid out.  It has a colonial feel to the restaurant with an open layout.  Many days they have a live band for background music.  There is a location in the mall as well the main location (which is highly recommended).  The restaurant does a great job of appealing to both foreigners and locals alike.

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