Learning to Surf in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the best surf destinations in the world.  Surfers around the world are eagerly booking their next surf trip for beaches near San Juan del Sur. 

Learning to Surf in Nicaragua

The great thing about Nicaragua is that it is a great surf destination for everyone.  Nicaragua is not just for experienced surfers but also for those looking to learn how to surf for the first time.  San Juan del Sur has many great surf schools and surf camps that were created for those looking to learn how to surf.

Maderas Beach is the best beach for those just starting out surfing.  Its close proximity to San Juan del Sur and waves for all skill levels make it the idea beach.  There are many surf camps that are along the beach.  Surf camps will provide surfers with surfboards to use during the surf lessons.  For beginners they will have long boards and foam boards that are perfect for beginners because they are more stable and easier to catch waves with.

There are also surf schools based out of San Juan del Sur and they provide transportation to beaches nearby for the surf lessons.   Many based out of San Juan del Sur will offer surf lessons by the hour but surf camps generally do packages that offer the lessons, lodging, and food over a week.

San Juan del Sur Surf Schools

Nicaragua Surf Report (NSR)
ChicaBrava (All girls surf camp)

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  1. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    Cute photo! The other outfit I know of is San Juan del Sur Surf
    But most any beach with a local group of surfers will have some enterprising spirit there who can rent you a board, give instruction, and go out surfing with you for next to nothing. I know a kid in Pochomil and another in La Boquita who does this and they are both very customer-service oriented.

    Downside is that they do not speak very much if any English…but you can get past the language issue, helping out the local kids is always good in my book.

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