Living in Nicaragua – Things you might encounter

Living, retiring or visiting Nicaragua is definitely an adventure.  Nicaragua has beauty that you won’t find living in the US and other first world countries.  Visitors to Nicaragua and those that may be looking to move to Nicaragua should also not expect to have all of the same comfort and ease in their day to day life.  Every day is unique with its own thrills and setbacks.  All in all it is very rewarding. 

Living in Nicaragua What to Expect

Here’s what to expect in Nicaragua and how to react to these situations.

Power outages exist
Getting pulled over by cops
There will be bugs

Nicaragua goes through seasons where there are energy shortages.  As a result sometimes the government will cut off electricity in certain parts of the country for certain hours of the day.  This is not always the case but the government will sometimes do it to conserve electricity.  Sometimes electricity shutdowns will be announced beforehand and sometimes it just happens in the evening when you’re in the middle of a movie.  Electricity may be out anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.  Your options are to get a generator or just smile and think to yourself “only in Nicaragua”.

One of the most frustrating aspects of visiting or living in Nicaragua for foreigners is dealing with traffic police.  They are all over city and on country roads.  Many of these cops will flag you down on the side of the road and try to issue you a citation for a traffic violation you may or may not have committed.  A common reason for pulling you over is for “crossing the yellow line”.  The cop is usually just trying to get a bribe.  I would recommend against paying off the cop because it encourages the behavior but many visitors feel they have no choice because if they are flying out the next day they don’t have time to go to the police station, pay the fine and get their license back.  The most important thing to do if you are pulled over by a local policeman is to treat him with respect.  It won’t help your case if you get angry and agitated toward the cop even if you are right.  It will just make things worse.  Expect to see more cops out on the road during the month of December because they are due their “alginaldo” (Extra month’s pay) and in the only the police department can have the money to pay for it is to issue more traffic citations.

Some visitors to Nicaragua freak out when they discover that bugs exist in Nicaragua.  Remember it is a tropical country and believe it or not you may find some bugs in your hotel room, even the most luxurious hotel rooms.  Ninety-nine percent of the bugs are harmless so if you leave them alone they won’t bother you.  Don’t rush to speak with a hotel manager if you find a few ants or June bugs in your room.  They’ll probably just humor you and move you to another room.  If you don’t want bugs the Hamptons might be a more ideal vacation destination.

Don’t let this deter you, only trying to give you some useful information before arriving in Nicaragua.

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