March 2012 Nicaragua News

Here are a few of the top news headlines for Nicaragua:  Concerns over climate change in Nicaragua, President Ortega hosts Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli and Miss Nicaragua 2012 is crowned.

  • The Nicaraguan government is concerned with the climate changes and is doing what they can to reverse negative trends. Nicaragua has 70 natural reserves but forested areas which accounted for over 60 percent of the country in 1983 is now down to just 40 percent today. The government is trying to cut down on illegal cutting of trees in different parts of the country. Timber is big business and as easy way of making money if there are no laws against them (or if they can get away with it even if there are). Coffee farmers have been affected by the climate changes and have begun searching for high altitudes to grow coffee to counteract the climate changes.
  •  President Ortega met with Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli. To many this meeting comes as a surprise because Martinelli didn’t even attend Ortega’s inauguration a couple of months ago. Attendance to a fellow Central American country’s presidential inauguration is considered common courtesy. In spite of being on opposite sides of the political spectrum Martinelli and Ortega were all smiles talking mostly business and trade instead of politics. Nicaragua and Panama are the fastest growing economies in Central America. Martinelli visited many of the tourist developments in San Juan del Sur and the Tola coastline, even visiting Guacalito de la Isla
  • This past weekend Nicaragua held its annual Miss Nicaragua pageant. Farah Eslaquit Cano from Masaya was crowned Miss Nicaragua 2012 by last years’ winner Adriana Dorn. The competition which featured twelve contestants was held at the Rubén Dario National Theater. In addition to her role as a goodwill ambassador for Nicaragua, the 20 year old Farah Eslaquit Cano will also compete in Miss Universe 2012 later this year.

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