May in Nicaragua

The month of May in Nicaragua brings the long awaited first rains of the season. April brought a few showers this year but normally it doesn’t rain until May. By May everyone is begging (and praying) for the skies to open up.

It’s hot, muggy and dusty everywhere. The rains refresh the countryside, almost instantly turning things from dry and brown to lush and green. The first few weeks of the rainy season bring consistent powerful afternoon showers and thunder storms. The strong, powerful rains can affect the roads. Paved roads will get pot holes due to the consistent rain and dirt roads can get very muddy and 4 wheel drive vehicle is a must for rental cars that will venturing down dirt roads.

The beginning of the rainy season also coincides with the beginning of the surf season in Nicaragua. The waves are usually bigger during rainy season. Even though the surf is up, the rainy season is also the down season for tourism in Nicaragua. Rates are generally lower than during the dry season. Prices tend to peak over Easter Week.

For those of you who do not like bugs and litter critters probably want to avoid Nicaragua but even more so the month of May. May tends to bring out the bugs from hiding and they are followed by the appropriately named June bugs.


Rain and thunderstorms
Muddy roads
Good waves
Lower hotel rates
Higher rates for surf camps
Power outages

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