Missions Work in Nicaragua

Over the years Nicaragua has had to deal with its fair share of war, natural disasters and political short comings.  In 1972 there was an earthquake in Managua that leveled much of the city.  In the 1980’s there was the civil war that resulted in the deaths of many, with many more orphaned children.  All these factors are the reason Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Most people will only make a few dollars over the course of the day.  In spite of these numbers, Nicaragua has been blessed with a large number of people doing missions work.  These people come from around the world, from all walks of life.  These days when you fly down from the US you are almost guaranteed to have a mission’s team on the plane.

Once in the country these teams work with schools, orphanages and churches around the country.  The church teams will come down and help churches provide outreach to the community.  These teams will work months ahead of time on skits, music and there message so that the language barrier will not be an overbearing factor during there time in Nicaragua.  These groups can range from youth teams doing outreach in a park to pastors coming down for conferences at local churches in Managua.

Other groups will come down and work as a construction team to help build schools and orphanages.  Many orphanages and schools are in desperate need of being remodeled or new facilities.  This gives the schools better facilities and as a result can function at a higher level.

There are also organizations that target orphanages.  They bring down teams of people that will come and support these children in need.  As much as these kids need clothes, food, and shelter, these kids need people to love them.  One group that is devoted towards working with orphanages in Nicaragua is ORPHANetwork.  Many may not have the time or money to fly down to Nicaragua and spend a week with these kids are involved with sponsoring a child.  They commit a certain amount of money each month so that the child can have food, shelter and receive an education.

Lastly, there are groups of medical doctors and nurses that will go into poor communities and provide free medical aid.  These communities are extremely grateful for this kind of service and there is lines that will wait all day to receive medical attention.  There service provided is usually dependant on the equipment at there disposal.  In some cases they will have dentists that will do a teeth cleaning as well as extraction.  Many of these medical teams will also bring down the medicine to give out to the patients after they are done with the consultation.

You can see it in the Nicaraguan people.  They are extremely grateful for the outside help towards their country that they themselves may not be able to provide.  If you are looking to work with a church or orphanage, you can contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

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