Morgan’s Rock Eco-Resort

If you choose to stay at Morgan’s Rock you are definitely in for a treat.  Morgan’s Rock is located about 25 minutes north of San Juan del Sur (driving).  It is a one of a kind eco tourism experience.  The goal of Morgan’s Rock and its staff is to provide guests with peace, harmony and relaxation of both the body and mind.  There have a nice private sandy beach for guests to relax on. Best Hotels in San Juan del Sur

Morgan’s Rock is not just any eco tourist destination. They are involved in reforestation projects to conserve the natural habitat.  Part of that project involves tree farming over an area of 1,800 hectares.  By staying at Morgan’s Rock you are helping promote eco tourism in Nicaragua.  This is a small way of enjoying a great vacation and at the same time promoting environmental conservation.

You will be staying in beautiful bungalows that are made out of different kinds of wood.  The architecture for these cabins is contemporary and classical at the same time.  On the inside you will find tasteful furniture from chairs to the bed frame.  Before getting to your bungalow you will cross over a suspension (bridge?)where you can see a lot of the tropical greenery of the area.

There are many activities to be involved in while you are staying at Morgan’s Rock.  You can go on a hike to the highest point in the area for a great view.  It is about a 3 hour hike.  You can also participate in the reforestation project.  You will be able to plant your own tree that includes a plaque with your name on it.  The goal is to never have these trees cut down.   The beach on property has been blessed with being nesting place for turtles.  The staff does a great job of protecting the eggs laid by the turtles from other wildlife getting to them.  If your timing is right you can either watch them lay the eggs or watch the baby turtles head back to the sea.  During the day if you have not had enough adventure you can participate in the night walk.  You will be provided with a flashlight and a guide.  You will be able to see some of the nocturnal animals in the area.  These are just a few of the activities that are offered at an extra cost by Morgan’s Rock.

There are also many fun onsite activities including massage therapy, biking, tour of the property and horseback riding.  You can also take a walk to the top of a hill to enjoy a romantic sunset with your significant other.  If you are more into sports, there are other activities including surfing, fishing and kayaking.  Morgan’s Rock can cater to your every need.  Come enjoy a family vacation or a romantic getaway. Morgan’s Rock has the facilities and activities for all who visit.

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