Most Affordable Nicaraguan Vacation

One of the advantages to visiting Nicaragua is that Nicaragua is a very affordable vacation destination.  One can tour the country on almost any budget.  Save costs on hotels, food, trasportation, and tours. 

Doing Nicaragua on the Cheap

Here is a few ways to save money on your trip by doing Nicaragua on the cheap.

1) Hotels
2) Transportation
3) Tours
4) Food

Hotels and lodging usually take up most of a travelers’ money.  To save money once can stay in tiny hotels (or a local Nicaraguan home) for $7 to $15 a night.  These places usually just provide a bed to sleep in and possibly somewhere to shower.  Don’t expect to have a private room either but its not like you want to spend very much time in your room besides sleeping when you are visiting a foreign country.

Transportation is another huge cost for travelers.  If you are in a large group then it may be convenient and affordable to all pitch in for a vehicle rental.  For those traveling alone or in a small group then public transportation is an easy way to save money.  Bus fees around town are less than a dollar and taking buses to other cities is reasonably priced as well.  If you are planning to travel to the Caribbean side of Nicaragua you can take the bus from the Managua market to Rama where you take boat ride to Bluefields.  This will save you the cost of the flight on La Costeña Airlines which is over one hundred dollars and by traveling over land it gives you the opportunity to see more of Nicaragua.  From Bluefields you can take another boat ride out to visit Corn Island.  Corn Island has many affordable hotels to choose from.  Make sure you take proper precautionary steps when traveling in a bus.  Don’t put anything in your back pocket, hold your belongings close to you and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Affordable Nicaraguan VacationAnother way to spend money is through different tours.  Whether it is a tour hiking a volcano or a boat tour through the islands of Granada paying for some tours is unavoidable.  For example how else will you be able to tour the islands of Granada without a boat?  Trust me swimming won’t get you very far.  However, for other tours you do have alternative options.  An example would be the Mombacho Volcano which has a shuttle that takes people up the volcano and it costs foreigners about $12 to $15.  You can choose to walk up the road to the top which takes a few hours to but saves you that additional cost.  Once at the top you are free to hike around some of the trails without the need for a guide.  In Granada there is no cost to enter most of the colonial Catholic Cathedrals.  Visitors are welcome to enter and take a look at some of Granada’s historical sites.  Keep quiet inside the churches because at any time people are worshiping inside them.

The last simple way to save money is on food.  Avoid eating at restaurants geared towards tourists.  These are generally the most expensive restaurants in Nicaragua but are still affordable by international standards.  Consider eating at local restaurants or buying your own groceries if you are staying for an extended period of time.  If you are in San Juan del Sur restaurants like the one at Pelican Eyes are great but they will be a lot more expensive than having a seafood dish at one of the restaurants along the shore of the San Juan del Sur bay.  There are also many great places along the side of the road that have great food but those places may be best for the experienced traveler. 

For those who do want to save some money on their Nicaraguan vacation do not necessarily need to follow all of these steps to make their dollar go further.  But if you do some of these you are bound to cut in on the cost of your vacation.  The ones who usually do Nicaragua on the absolute cheap are European and American backpackers that travel around Latin America but you don’t have to be a backpacker to cut your costs on a limited budget.  Best of luck in your travels to Nicaragua.

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