Moving to Nicaragua Step 2

The next part of moving to Nicaragua is your arrival at Managua’s International Airport.  When you arrive to live in Nicaragua it can come with a flood of emotions, both good and bad.  You have the excitement of beginning this unique adventure but still have a nervous anxiety over the uncertainty the future holds.  To make this transition go over as smoothly as possible it is best to take care of things quickly to get settled in your new lifestyle.

Moving to Nicaragua Step 2

The first thing is to get settled in your new home.  Get everything unpacked and settled in to your new home.  Get the house set up with cable television (or satellite), internet, and electricity.  This step can vary if one is in a temporary home when they arrive to Nicaragua while they build their dream home.  The first step in your arrival is getting your home in order.  Meeting new friends, both locals and expats can help this transition easier.  Meeting other expats is a great opportunity to learn from others who have made a similar transition.

The second step is to start the process of your residency.  Speak with other expats in the area that can help guide you through the process.  You can also hire a lawyer to help you with some of the paperwork if you need.  When you arrive in Nicaragua you have 90 days to be in the country.  If your residency is not finished in the 90 days your option is to head across the border to Costa Rica for a couple of days and when you get back you have another 90 days to stay in the country.  Many that move to Nicaragua will do that for a time until they decide they really want to become residents of Nicaragua.  The Costa Rica option is an easy one for those living in San Juan del Sur, the border with Costa Rica is just 30 minutes away.

Once you have settled in to your new life get to know Nicaragua.  Travel around different parts of the country which are completely different from each other.  Managua, San Juan del Sur, Granada, northern Nicaragua and the Caribbean coast are all completely different and unique.  Take time to get to know these areas, you won’t be disappointed.  Also read up on Nicaragua’s history and culture.  Nicaraguans will appreciate it if you take the time to get to know about their history and culture.

Once you have settled in your next step will be to find your niche in Nicaragua…

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