Moving to Nicaragua – Step 3

The next step in your big move to Nicaragua is probably the most important of all of them.  After months of planning, safely arriving in MGA to get settled in your home your next step is to find your niche in Nicaragua.

Getting Involved in NIcaragua

If you move to Nicaragua and do not find something to occupy your time you will be quickly disillusioned with your new life.  Retiring in Nicaragua is great but that doesn’t mean you just sit around all day sipping drinks from sunrise to sunset.  You may also have a full time job in Nicaragua but part of what adds to the quality of life of living in Nicaragua is getting actively involved in the community.  Whether it is through your job or helping charitable causes in the community this is what makes living in Nicaragua so amazing.  Many people that have lived in Nicaragua and around the world always look at their time in Nicaragua as the most memorable. 

Speak with other expats in the area where you live in Nicaragua and chances are they are actively involved in community outreach.  These outreaches vary from reading programs at local schools, prison ministries to shops teaching men and woman different trade skills.  There is even a program that encourages school attendance and rewards kids with the opportunity to learn how to surf.  There are so many opportunities to get plugged in.  There is definitely some place where you can feel comfortable and fulfilled.  Don’t worry, you will still have more than enough time to hit the waves, travel around the country and of course, enjoy the beautiful Nicaraguan sunsets.

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