New Information on the Apple iPhone 5 Release

The new Apple iPhone release has been rumored for months.  Speculators thought it would be released in September but it is now looking more like October but in reality it is anyone’s guess.  Apple’s strategy on keeping information air tight makes the public speculate even more and interest in the company rises.

New Iphone 5 Information

This interest has everyone is speculating on what changes will be made the new version of the iconic phone.  Some reports say that it will be entirely touch screen making for a bigger screen.  One would imagine that it will have a thinner sleeker look.  One feature most everyone agrees on will be that the new version will be faster with a dual core processor.  Other possible features may include built in GPS, facial recognition in case of theft, longer battery life, more storage capacity, better signal strength and more.  Apple usually has a surprise feature that the public is unaware about.  This creates buzz around product releases. 

Internet sites around the world devoted to following the information trail on new details about the phone has released pictures of what the phone possibly looks like.  Some sites have released pictures of what they believe is the factory inChinathat makes the phone.  However, no one is sure what’s true and what isn’t.  For all we know the factory isn’t even inChinabut maybe inNicaragua.  We do know thatChinahas great knockoff Apple stores where pretty much everything looks like any other ordinary apple store.  The sleek looking store, the simple t-shirts worn by the employees and the vibrant screens on the all the tech devices would have anyone fooled that it is an Apple store.

For all those calling for the imminent demise of Apple because of the resignation of Steve Jobs be careful.  He will still be chairman of the board and if there is ever a time to buy stock it is best to do it right before the release of the new iPhone.  Sales are usually through the roof resulting in stock prices going up.  So now might be the time to buy and when I say buy I don’t just mean the phone.

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