New Years Eve in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua the holiday festivities don’t stop on Christmas day.  Many continue celebrating through the New Year.  Most businesses are shut down with families gathering together to bring in a new year that will hopefully bring great things.  Some may go to the beach to take advantage of the days off but many will stay in Managua or any of the other large cities to be close to all the action.

Nicaragua New Years Eve

Just like Christmas Eve when families will stay up late with their children and have a large meal close to midnight it is much the same for New Years Eve.  Instead of turkey or ham, chicken is the preferred choice along with Nicaraguan stuffing and many other great side dishes.  Throughout the evening fireworks can be heard but about ten minutes before midnight the fireworks become non stop.  The whole city shakes from all the loud explosions.  In Managua it can feel like a war is going on with all the explosions.  For those who have never experienced it there is nothing quite like Managua at midnight on New Years Eve.  In the United States about ninety percent of these fireworks would be illegal but in Nicaragua its part of the tradition.

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