Nica News – Rio San Juan Bridge, Ernesto Cardenal and Nicaraguan Cigars

Some of the highlights coming out of Nicaragua this week

  • Nicaraguan government is planning on building a bridge across the Rio San Juan.  The bridge will be built through Nicaraguan News Highlightsthe help of the Japanese government and is expected to be completed by 2014.  With a bridge in place it could help spur a better overall infrastructure in the southeast region of the country.  Hopefully that will increase the tourism potential and at the same time be true to its natural beauty and ecological importance.
  • Ernesto Cardenal was a finalist for the Cervantes Award.  The award is the highest Spanish literary award.  Although Cardenal did not win he is just one in a long list of famous Nicaraguan poets and writers.
  • Don Duarte Cigars has reached an agreement with a Palm Coast cigar company to distribute their cigars.  The deal is worth $4.5 million and the cigars will be sold from $6 to $9.  Don Duarte Cigars come from Esteli, Nicaragua an area known for their great cigars.  Nicaragua has been producing great cigars for a while and it is great to see that others around the world may be able to smoke their first Nicaraguan cigar.

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