Nicaragua Best Time To Travel

Many people thinking about making a trip to Nicaragua often ask what is the best time of year to go?  That is an easy question to answer but first we must know more about what brings you to Nicaragua. .Best Time to Travel to Nicaragua 

Would you like to come down when there is not much rain?  The dry season runs from December through April. During these months visitors are guaranteed to not be hindered by storms during their trip.  October tends to be one of the wettest months of the year so you would probably want to avoid coming down then.

Would you like to come when the climate is less humid and hot?  November through January tend to be the cool months with less humidity.  Remember the term “cool” does not mean it is cold.  In Nicaragua “cool” means the temperature will dip down into the low 70’s in the evenings.

Would you like to come to Nicaragua when the waves are best for surfing?  Nicaragua has year round great waves but the best waves and large swells usually coincide with the rainy season from May through October.  Remember, though, there are always great waves in Nicaragua.

Would you like to come down when Nicaragua is most beautiful?  Best time for this is during the rainy season from mid May through October.  Plants, trees and flowers are all flourishing with the rain showers that happen during the afternoons.  The rain can also cause havoc on the dirt roads in rural areas so be sure to be a 4WD vehicle if you plan on being in these areas.

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