Nicaragua – Costa Rica Relations Worsening

The last couple of years a contentious relationship between Nicaragua and Costa Rica has only worsened.  It started in late 2010 with Nicaragua’s “invasion” into Costa Rica based on the Google Maps fiasco. 

 Costa Rican Border Highway

Costa Rica was in an uproar over the incident.  Nicaragua was dredging a part of the Rio San Juan.  The Nicaraguans along with about 50 soldiers set up camp on the Costa Rican side of the river.  Costa Rica sent out about 70 police to the border and called the Organization of American States (OAS) to action.  The Nicaraguan side was led by Edén Pastora, a former Sandinista guerilla leader.  He claimed to have referenced Google Maps to make sure he was still on Nicaraguan land.  It’s unsure why Pastora needed all the soldiers for the dredging of the river if he felt like he was on Nicaraguan soil.  The OAS sided mostly with Costa Rica but asked both sides to retreat.

Shoot forward to late 2011 and Costa Rica is building a border highway along the Rio San Juan.  The Nicaraguan government is upset because the highway could have a disastrous ecological effect on the river and the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve.  For Costa Rica, a country that prides itself on taking care of the environment it is surprising that they would build a highway that could have a negative effect on the environment.  This wouldn’t just affect Nicaragua’s side of the border but also the Costa Rican side.  However, Nicaragua has the most to lose with the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve which is one of the largest and best preserved in Central America.  It’s unclear whether Costa Rica had these border highway plans before the relationship worsened but it is possible it sped up those plans.

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