Nicaragua Headline News for February 15

Nicaragua news of the week includes the resignation of the head of the Central Bank, an American’s appeals case, Russia’s aid and a mega Valentines Day wedding.

Nica News

  • The head of Nicaragua’s Central Bank, Antenor Rosales has quit his position over a disagreement with President Ortega.  Ortega has recently been talking about opening up a bank with ALBA and wanted to use some reserve funds to put into this new bank.  Rosales was upset with the idea and felt Ortega was going around him to get it done.  The Central Bank is supposed to conduct business independently but Ortega is wanting to use these funds and invest them in a foreign institution.
  • Jason Puracal’s case is scheduled to finally get reviewed by an Appeals Court.  Puracal is hoping his case will get overturned.  He has been in La Modelo prison since November 2010 and his family has been working hard to get conviction overturned.  A few years ago the Appeals Court overturned Eric Volz’s conviction of killing a young woman.  Some Nicaraguan’s are still angry about Volz getting set free.
  • Russia is planning on giving Nicaragua $41 million to build a hospital in Managua.  Construction will cost be approximately $30 million and the rest will be spent on the medical equipment for the hospital.  Russia is also planning on providing Nicaragua with special equipment used to help prepare for natural disasters including public warning systems and fire trucks used to stop forest fires.
  • There was a mega-wedding where about 750 low income couples got married.  For many getting married was a dream come true because they could not afford to but the government basically allowed all these couple to get married for free.  Many of these couples had been together for years and had children together.  Some had even been together for as long as 41 years.

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