Nicaragua News – Daniel Ortega and Sony Music

What is the connection between Daniel Ortega and Sony Music?  Sony has ordered Ortega to stop playing the famous Ben E. King song “Stand By Me” which they hold the rights to.  The Ortega campaign has been using the famous song as part of their campaign ads that have been running.Sony Music Against Ortega 

Sony says they do not allow their songs to be used for political campaigns and have sent a letter demanding the ads containing their music be pulled.  The campaign ad in question is a five minute video containing images of the revolutionary Augusto Sandino, video of the revolution in 1979 and of course Ortega himself.  It’s hard to imagine what Sony could do against Ortega since it is hard to take legal action in foreign countries like Nicaragua.  Ortega still leads the polls by over ten percent.

Last month poll results

Daniel Ortega 45.8%
Fabio Gadea 33.5%
Arnoldo Aleman 10.1%

In order to win the election outright Ortega needs to gain at least 40 percent of the votes OR at least 35 percent with a 5 percent lead over second place candidate.


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