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For those who don’t remember, Eric Volz was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in a Nicaraguan prison for the rape and murder of his girlfriend in San Juan del Sur.  Volz spent a year in a Nicaraguan prison before

Nicaragua News Eric Volz

being exonerated through the help of the Innocence Project.  Witnesses and phone records showed that he was not near the scene of the murder.  Volz was released and he went back to the US where he wrote a book about his ordeal, “Gringo Nightmare”.  Even though he was exonerated many in Nicaragua still think he got away with murder but there was little evidence to show for it.  Look up any story on Eric Volz and at the bottom there is usually a long list of passionate comments arguing both sides.  People argue both sides saying there was no evidence, others saying he maybe was not directly involved but was responsible in some way.  Many are upset by his portrayal in the media as a saint.  Some that met him in person say he was not this naive person and victim that his book makes him out to be. Regardless of what really happened crimes in third world countries are hard to prove and most are guilty until proven innocent.

Volz through his experience helped advise the Knox family last summer.  He says Knox faces a great challenge readjusting to life back home.  Volz said for the longest time he was hyper vigilant of his surroundings and could not sit still comparing it to post traumatic disorder.  Knox will probably face many similar challenges.   It is thought that Amanda Knox’s next step will be to advocate for those wrongly convicted in foreign countries. Coincidently Knox is from Seattle, Washington right near where Jason Puracal is from.  Jason Puracal is experiencing a similar ordeal having been convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering in spite of no evidence.  Knox’s supporters have been showing their support for Jason Puracal.  It is possible her supporters will start vying for the release of Puracal.

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