Nicaragua News for August

Nicaragua is always in the news whether for its unstable politics or a new tourist destination option opening up.  Last month Nicaragua hosted a masters surf competition that was a huge success.  The competition brought surfers from around the world including Sunny Garcia from Hawaii.  Next year the same organization plans to bring the juniors surf competition to be held in Nicaragua.

  • The month of August started with the Santo Domingo holiday in Managua on the 1st.  It is usually best to stay away from certain parts of Managua on that day or you could get stuck in the middle of a procession on the Masaya Highway.
  • Jason Puracal, the american real estate agent who has been jailed on drug and money laundering charges since November 2010 had his long awaited appeal hearing.  His sisters came down from Washington state for the hearing and they are optimistic his conviction will be overturned so he can return home.
  • El Salvador had an earthquake off its coast a few days ago with tsunami warnings for parts of Central America including Nicaragua.  Yesterday morning at 3:04am Nicaragua had its own earthquake in the northwest part of the country.  The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.3.
  • Nicaraguan police authorities nabbed 18 fake journalist accused of smuggling money across the border for Mexican drug cartels.  The suspects posed as journalist for Mexican state run television Televisa.  Their vehicle even had the logo for the television network.  It is unclear what tipped of Nicaraguan authorities on this crime bust.  The seized $7 million from the individuals involved.


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