Nicaragua News Headlines of the Week

Here is some of the news coming out of Nicaragua from wide ranging stories of the economy, foreign aid, political issues and more.

NIcaragua News Headlines

2011 Nicaraguan economy

The Nicaraguan economy was the top growing one in Central America.  The Central Bank of Nicaragua reported a growth in the GDP of 4.7 percent in 2011.  The average in the region was 4.3 percent.

Finland to cut aid

Finland has decided to cut its aid to Nicaragua, in part due to the lack of transparency in the government.  This is another set back since the controversial elections in November when President Daniel Ortega was re-elected.  A month ago when Germany had announced it would cut its aid, Finland had said that it would continue sending aid to Nicaragua.  Nicaraguan Ambassador Ricardo Alvaro hopes to convince the Finnish government to reconsider by coming to Nicaragua to see where their money is going to see the results of their investment.

ALBA meetings

President Daniel Ortega and the governments belonging to ALBA backs Argentina in its claim to the Falkland Islands.  Argentina has been in long standing dispute with Great Britain over the islands which are off the coast of Argentina.  The Falkland Islands have been a territory of Great Britain for nearly two centuries.   In the next ALBA meetings Ortega wants to discuss the independence of Puerto Rico.

Montealegre undergoes surgery

Former presidential candidate Eduardo Montealegre underwent bypass surgery in Miami.  Montealegre was the runner up in the 2006 Nicaraguan presidential elections.  He also ran unsuccessfully in the controversial Managua mayoral elections in 2008.  He currently serves as the leader of the opposition party Independent Liberal Party.

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