Nicaragua News May 2012

The latest news headlines coming out of Nicaragua. Masaya volcano acting up, an international surf competition, and the death of Tomás Borge.

News out of Nicaragua

  • The Masaya Volcano has been acting up in recent days. Although the volcano is normally blowing smoke, the activity in the volcano is unusually high and has some on alert as to whether it could erupt. The Nicaraguan government is taking precautionary measure but maintaining everything under control.
  • Nicaragua has won the right to host an international surf competition to be held in July. The surf competition will most likely be held on one of Tola surf breaks. Beaches under consideration include Colorado, Popoyo and Rancho Santana. The surf competition is expected to bring in over 100 surfers from around the world. This should be a great opportunity to put Nicaragua in the spotlight.
  • Tomás Borge, one of the founders of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) died on Monday. Recently he had some health scares but was expected to recuperate but in the end his death was caused from respiratory problems. Thousands of Nicaraguans gathered at the Plaza of the Revolution to pay their final respect to Tomás Borge.

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