Nicaragua News: Police Chief

The head of the Nicaraguan police is Aminta Granera, a sixty year old grandmother.  Granera, the police chief went to Georgetown University for two years before dropping out to become a nun. 

Nicaraguan Police Chief

In the 1970’s during the years leading up to the revolution she decided she wanted to help the cause.  She became a cop in 1979 and over the years she moved up the ranks to eventually being named police chief by President Bolaños’ administration.

During her time at the helm there have been records of drugs busts as well as keeping crime down compared to other Central American countries.  Under her watch they have seized cocaine, drug money, weapons, vehicles, boats, aircrafts, and properties.  In spite of the successes of the police force during her time she has had a rocky relationship with President Daniel Ortega.  Because she is willing to stand up for herself against Ortega is one of the reasons she is among the most popular public figures in the country.  Polls say she has an 87% approval rating.  Ortega could remove her from her position but that would open the door for her to become a political threat.

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