Nicaragua News: Somoza Running for Office

In Nicaragua where crazy politics is the norm hearing news that a member of the Somoza family may be running for office should be no surprise.  Alvaro Somoza is the son of the second Somoza to rule Nicaragua.  Alvaro Somoza’s father, Luis Somoza governed Nicaragua from 1956 to 1967 when he died of a heart attack.  Altogether the Somoza’s ruled from 1936-1979.

Alvaro Somoza Nicaragua NewsAlvaro Somoza fled the country to El Salvador shortly before the Sandinistas overthrew his uncle, Anastasio Somoza’s government in 1979.  Alvaro Somoza eventually settled down in Miami where he sold luxury cars and ran one of the largest plant nurseries in the state.  Alvaro Somoza is quick to criticize his own family’s rule but makes the distinction between his father’s rule and the one of his uncle, Anastasio.  His father started the social security system and minimum wage and during the 1960’s Nicaragua had one of the strongest economies in Latin America.  Alvaro Somoza says that his father never would have wanted his uncle to be president.  Anastasio was the head of the military and he stated that it would be easy to put him into power but it would be hard to take him out.

Alvaro Somoza returned to Nicaragua after the Sandinistas were voted out in 1990.  He has nothing but disdain towards the Sandinista government who he feels has failed to lead Nicaragua forward.  He recently helped run the failed presidential campaign of Enrique Quiñones and is now considering running for mayor in Managua.  He feels that the Sandinistas have done such a bad job that people will look past the negative connotations that come from his last name.  Whether he legitimately has chance remains to be seen but in Nicaraguan politics nothing is out of the question.  Stay tuned.

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