Nicaragua on US News List of Best Places to Retire Overseas

Nicaragua has made another list of best places to retire overseas. US News’ Money section article on best places to retire overseas featured Nicaragua number six on the list just behind Ecuador and ahead of Roatan, Honduras.

Retiring in Nicaragua

Nicaragua over the last few years has been featured in many articles about best places to retire overseas. What makes Nicaragua a popular choice is the affordability and cost of living. In a day when the world economy is in a downturn many Americans are looking for an affordable retirement option. Nicaragua which boasts lower land costs than neighboring countries like Costa Rica also has a history of rich culture and two of the premier colonial cities in the region, Granada and Léon. Retiring in Nicaragua does require doing your due diligence when it comes buying property. Many “great” properties in Nicaragua have multiple owners and phony paperwork. Stay away from these. The cliché “it’s too good to be true” probably applies to many of these properties. Stay safe by buying from someone with a clean title and have a good land attorney look over the paper work to make sure everything is in order.

Even if you have a great place in Nicaragua to live in your retirement years, you must be able to take “Nicaragua” in stride. What I mean by “Nicaragua” is the certain aspects that might frustrate foreigners which can be as bad as running around Managua standing in long lines doing paperwork only to be sent back across town to the place where you came from or as simple as the feeling after your vehicle hits one of the endless pot holes in the country. The key is taking things in stride and remembering the pros of this beautiful country outweigh the cons.

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