Nicaragua Tourism Information

The economic recession around the world has affected tourism in Nicaragua but it hasn’t kept it from moving forward.  Many different projects around the country are continuing to move forward.  Here are a few of the things visitors can expect to see over the next few years.

Nicaragua Tourism Information

1)  Guacalito de la Isla beach development along the southern pacific coastline is continuing to move forward.  The Grupo Pellas has not shied away from continuing this project.  The investment group plans to invest $115 million into phase one of this development that includes a boutique hotel and 490 residential villas.  The development will also boast a world class golf course and amenities.  They have budgeted $250 million to spend on the project.  Reports say this project will help create four thousand direct jobs which should help provide a boost to the local economy.

2)  There is a $7 million project underway to build an international airport on the island of Ometepe.  This airport would have a 1500 meter run suitable for aircrafts carrying up to 42 passengers.  Nature Air out of Costa Rica is interested in having daily flights to the island.  Currently Nature Air only flies to Managua in Nicaragua.  The airport is rumored to open in 2012.  There may be other airports opening up in San Juan del Sur and Rio San Juan to provide easier access to these locations for visitors to Nicaragua.

3)  Lastly, there is a $1.5 million project underway to help restore the historic center of Granada.  The money will go towards park restoration, widening of streets and the construction of a pier.  With Lake Nicaragua a large pier extending into the water has a lot of potential.  Put in some great restaurants and it could be the new hot spot in the city.


  1. Mike Quinn says:

    Thank you for this post. Regarding Guacalito de la Isla, the project will generate a decent number of jobs so that is great. I do have a couple of concerns though:
    1) that the visitors will be in a “bubble” like resorts in Cancun or Jamaica can be…tourists will be missing the beauty and diversity to be found in the rest of Nicaragua—it’d be a shame to have folks come all the way to Nic and miss it!
    2) that important work such as finally building out the Costanera road from the Costa Rica border north along the coast will be further delayed—i.e. that this one huge project (and the political pull of the owners) will dominate the limited infrastructure funds.

    Optimistically, these projects will bring in more affluent visitors which IMO is sorely needed. Cheers!

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