Nicaragua Yoga Retreats – Aqua Wellness Resort

Aqua Wellness Resort is one of the premier beach resorts on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Just a short drive from San Juan del Sur but nestled in the lush Nicaraguan wildlife making it seem as though you are hundreds of miles away.

Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

In the beautiful cabanas you look out one window and you see the beautiful Nicaraguan coastal forest. You may even hear and see some howler monkeys. Looks outside the other window and you will see the beautiful Nicaraguan coast just outside your doorstep. Now you know why Nicaragua and Aqua Wellness Resort is becoming a top tourist destination.

Accommodations include beautiful treetop cabins that will make guests feel a unique connection with nature. There are also luxurious villas that make one feel at home in a luxurious setting. The décor in the room is state of the art and the designers did not hold back in any way. Once guests are situated in their new home for the next few days they can choose what they would like to do next. The big draw is the spa and massage where guests can unwind and get rid of all that stress they came Nicaragua. Another great stress reliever are the yoga sessions that are great for guests who have never done yoga before to those who have been doing yoga for years. Other fun activities include

Day Trips
Water Sports

Aqua Wellness Resort also has a great restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests will find many things one the menu that will peek their interest. Whether you are a vegetarian or a seafood lover, there is something for everyone. The restaurant closely follows the wellness theme of the resort. You will not be disappointed!

On your next trip to Nicaragua, book a few days at Aqua Wellness Resort to maximize your trip. The beautiful setting of this coastal resort will help you renew your energies as you take a dip in the calm waters off the white sand beach. Enjoy!

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