Nicaraguan President Ortega Says No Immediate Changes

Newly reelected president Daniel Ortega said he plans no immediate changes to the country.  He said he will continue to run the country on his Christian, socialist, and free enterprise principles.  2011 Nicaraguan ElectionOrtega said why change the good that has been implemented under his regime in the last five years.  Opponents fear that this is just the beginning of Ortega setting himself up to be president for life.  Ortega dismisses those accusations saying they are just scare tactics by his opponents. 

Members of the European Union assessed that the electoral process “by electoral authorities that were not completely independent nor impartial and who didn’t fulfill their duty of transparency and of collaborating with all parties.”  The Sandinista political party controls all the branches of the government including the electoral process.  The total control hinders any sort of checks and balances within the government.  As a result many are crying foul over the lack of transparency.

Sandinista supporters are ecstatic over the opportunity to keep moving forward with Ortega at the helm.  For others Ortega represents the past and they are worried that Nicaragua keeps taking steps backwards by going to the past.

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