Nicaraguan Zoo Needs Help

Most people have never visited Nicaragua’s zoo and some don’t even know it existed.  The zoo is located outside of Managua on the Masaya Highway.  There are birds, mammals, and reptiles. 

Nicaraguan Zoo Needs Help

The Nicaraguan zoo has had some interesting animals in the past.  At one time they had a three legged lion, and a crazy chimp that one would fear if he were ever to get out of his large cage.  This chimp would climb to the top of the cage and with such power lunge to the concrete ground shaking the entire cage upon landing.  For those who have visited the zoo, know it is in desperate in need of renovations.  The zoo operates on a budget of under $180,000 each year.  In order to properly meet the needs of the facilities, animals and staff a budget of over $440,000 is need.  The zoo is also a rescue center for animals and together they house over 1,250 animals.  Hopefully the zoo can find the funding to continue going forward by improving the facilities and care for the animals.

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