Nicaraguans in Costa Rica Sending Money Back Home

Nicaragua and Costa Rica have long history that goes beyond their borders.  Costa Rica has looked down on Nicaragua as its ugly brother to the North.  Nicaragua has been trying to fight Costa Rica from extending its borders into Nicaraguan territory.  While Costa Rica has successfully used their beautiful land to attract outside investors and tourists, Nicaragua has failed.  

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Over there years there have been a large number of Nicaraguans illegally crossing the border into Costa Rica in search of work.  Estimates say there are over two hundred and thirty thousand Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica.  A large number of these Nicas have left their families because they have no source of income to provide for them.  In Costa Rica they are able to get lower end jobs where the pay is not great but at least they can send money back home to their families.  They use companies that are able to send cash abroad like Nicaragua where their families can pick up the money.  The Central Bank of Costa Rica estimates that in 2010, Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica sent over one hundred and seventy one million dollars back to Nicaragua.  A study conducted said that without this money coming back from Costa Rica, Nicaragua’s poverty would rise 17%.  

Nicaragua and Costa Rica have not had the strongest relationship but they are tied to each other.  Nicaragua is dependent on the cash that comes from across the borders.  Costa Rica benefits from hard working Nicaraguans that sneak across the border to work the low paying, labor intensive jobs.

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