Nicaragua’s Natural Disaster Prevention

Over the years Nicaragua has been hard hit with many natural disasters.  The most disastrous was the earthquake of 1972 but there have been numerous other disasters to occur in the area including Hurricane Mitch in 1998.  The earthquake in 1972 in Managua hit in the middle of the night killing thousands of people.  The earthquake injured thousands more and left a few hundred thousand homeless.  Disasters like the earthquake in 1972 in Managua and hurricanes that affect the entire country have had a devastating effect on the country.

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Since Hurricane Mitch in 1998 Nicaragua has made progress towards being more prepared for these disasters especially the hurricanes where preventions can minimize the damages and casualties.  Government and non-government agencies have done a better job of informing the public to these oncoming torrential rains.  Recently the government made a conscious effort to evacuate Miskito Indians from areas on the east coast that was affected by Hurricane Rina.

In spite of Nicaragua’s great improvement towards prevention and reaction to natural disaster there is still improvement to be made.  Many individuals in the government and non-government agencies have made off with a lot of relief money that comes from abroad.  The money is supposed to go towards helping areas that are affected but at times just get pocketed by someone in the middle leaving those affected wondering what happened.  Hopefully response to these disasters will continue to improve, including the handling of the relief aid.

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