Odd Attractions in Nicaragua

Everyone on vacation to Nicaragua has planned ahead their trip itinerary.  The itinerary usually includes Granada, San Juan del Sur, surfing, volcanoes, kayaking and more.  There are still some fun attractions that visitors can take in while they are in this beautiful country.  Here is a few of the odd attractions in Nicaragua.

Fun Things to do in Nicaragua

Hot Air Balloon Tour
Lake Managua Boat Tour
Local Baseball Game

I have not seen a hot air balloon in Nicaragua but rumor has it there is a travel company that provides hot air balloon rides in Nicaragua.  If this is true what better way to see Nicaragua from the air than the view from a hot air balloon.  This is different from an airplane where you look out a tiny window and are passing by so quickly.  Hot air balloons provide a 360 degree view of your surroundings.  Hopefully I can take this tour soon!

When you hear the words “boat tour” it doesn’t seem like an odd attraction until you put it together with “Lake Managua”.  For those who don’t know Lake Managua is probably one of the most polluted lakes in Nicaragua.  It’s definitely not a swimming lake but taking a boat tour on the lake is a great way to get a unique perspective of the city of Managua.  From the boat you can get great views of the Chiltepe Peninsula, Momotombito Volcano and Momotombo Volcano.

Nicaragua is one of the few countries in Latin America where baseball is the most popular sport over soccer.  Baseball was introduced to the country when US Marines came into the country in the 1930’s.  Soccer will probably eventually overtake baseball but for now baseball reigns.  Nicaragua has a professional baseball league with a few teams from cities on the pacific side of the country that competes throughout the year.  Tickets to games are fairly cheap and are a great way to take in a Nicaraguan sporting event.  Don’t expect the stadiums to be what you would see in other parts of the world but that’s part of the experience right?  Viva el Boer!

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