Planning a Surf Trip to Nicaragua

Over recent years Nicaragua has become a premier surf destination for not just American surfers but surfers all around the world.  Before coming to Nicaragua surfers need to have every part of their trip before even getting off the airplane in Managua.

Planning a Surf Trip to Nicaragua

Tips for planning your surf trip to Nicaragua

Tip #1
Have your trip planned and prepared for before you even arrive.  Figure out the part of the country you want to surf whether it’s the southern coastline or further up north.  Remember the southern Rivas coastline is more consistent with the offshore winds but is usually more crowded. 

Tip #2
What kind of trip would you like to have?  Do you want to do a surf camp where you don’t have to worry about anything once you get to Managua?  Surf camps will pick you up at the airport and take you to the camp facilities which are usually several hours away.  The advantage of doing a surf camp is that they can get you to all the best surf spots.  Many of the camps are even equipped with boats to take you to the more secluded beaches.  If you have never been to Nicaragua I would definitely recommend doing your trip through a surf camp because being a first timer to Nicaragua it may be hard getting to all the surf spots even if you have your own rental vehicle.  Many of the beaches are private and even the accessible ones can be hard to find because there are no road signs.  Book your trip as far in advance as you can because surf camps can fill up pretty quickly during the surf season that runs from March through November.  Once you have been to Nicaragua at least once or twice it will be easier to just rent a car and hit the surf spots on your own.

Tip #3
If you do want to stay away from doing a surf camp to save some money your options are get a group of guys a rent a house or condo near some of the popular surf spots.  Gran Pacifica, Hacienda Iguana and Rancho Santana all have great waves that break right in front of their property.  Remember if you do not have a rental car you are stuck surfing the waves that are within walking distance or hitching a ride with other surfers that may be around.

Tip #4
Remember airlines have hiked about board fees so you need to build that cost into your travel budget.  Airline board bag fees cost between $150 to $200 for each board bag for each way.  Some surf camps have extra boards that you can rent for the week to save some money and hassle of packing your board.  Definitely contact them ahead of time to make sure they have the right kind of board that you might want to use while you’re in Nicaragua.

Tip #5
Come prepared!  Bring cash (ATM’s are hard to find on the beach), wax, extra board if possible (you don’t want to break your only board half way into your trip), insect repellent, sun screen.

Tip #6
The last tip might be the most important.  Come to Nicaragua with an adventurous attitude. 

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