Puerto Cabezas Nicaraguan Caribbean

Puerto Cabezas is located along the coast in the northern Caribbean side of Nicaragua.  Just an hour flight from Managua, Puerto Cabezas is the second largest town on the Nicaraguan east coast. 

Caribbean Nicaragua East Coast

Unlike Bluefields that has the feel of a small city, Puerto Cabezas still feels like a small town.  Home’s aren’t built side by side but have yards and many are built on stilts to protect from potential flooding and hurricanes.

The people of Puerto Cabezas are very friendly with smiles that extend from ear to ear.  Spanish, English and Miskito are the languages spoken, making it an easy place for foreigners to be able to communicate with locals.  The English spoken has a lot of slang to it and may take a little while to get used but once you’ve been there a while you can understand what the locals are saying.

Near Puerto Cabezas there are many great attractions to see but transportation is the key.  There many beautiful Caribbean beaches that is only accessible by boat.  The crystal clear blue waters are thing of beauty and it many of the beaches you can walk out several hundred yards and the water is still just at your waist level.  There are also rivers nearby to for visitors to go take a refreshing afternoon dip in some water.   Another option is to take a boat ride up the coast and down the Rio Coco.  The Coco River is the border line between Nicaragua and Honduras.  Along the river there is an abundant wild life as well as indigenous people groups that have been living there for hundreds of years.

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  1. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    Thanks for posting on Puerto Cabezas. A few years ago I had an online friend who lived there “Miskito Alan” Bowie and so wanted to go and visit him. Unfortunately he passed away without our ever having met. But his widow and children are still there, along with some other real characters too I am sure! I will put it on my list of places to go!

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