Real Esteli Loses First Leg Matchup in Toronto

Toronto FC defeated Real Esteli by a final score of 2-1 in the first leg of their CONCACAF Champions League matchup.  Having struggled this season in the MLS Toronto dominated the Nicaraguan league champions. The final score did not indicate how one sided this contest really was.

CONCACAF Champions League Real Esteli vs Toronto FC

 The Nicaraguan had few scoring opportunities, only scoring from blunder between the Toronto goalkeeper and a defender.  Real Esteli can take comfort in the fact that they get to go home only having lost 2-1, it could have been much worse.  Tuesday’s matchup in the town of Esteli should be interesting for Toronto.  They will be playing in a foreign country where the fans will be more into the game than Toronto’s fans were in the first game.  One other factor to consider is that the field conditions will be nothing like the pristine pitch conditions in Toronto.  If Real Esteli were to win 1-0 they would advance based on goal differential.  Will Toronto adapt or will Real Esteli seize the moment.

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