Recommended Muay Thai Gear for Beginners

New students who get there UFC training in Maryland are more than likely getting muay thai training. Muay thai is now the common martial arts for people to take if they want to be a professional MMA fighter for the UFC. Martial arts schools in Maryland teach muay thai because it is a proven combat sport that delivers powerful and dangerous attacks to every part of the opponents body. Muay thai uses hands, elbows knees and feet to deliver strikes all possible angles and distances. Throughout this article will be 5 recommended muay thai gear that beginners should purchase to invest in their future Muay thai or MMA career.

Gloves: When you are getting started the first thing and maybe the most important thing in the beginning is to buy is boxing gloves. The training classes revolve heaviliy on focus mitt, pad work, and heavy bag strike where the students will be striking with their fist. They need to make sure they pick gloves that won’t damage their wrist or knuckles. Cheap gloves are not an option! Even if the student is a beginner cheap gloves are never an option because the wear and tear rate is very high. Also cheaper gloves are low quality and will not provide the student the wrist support needed to train effectively. They won’t be able to train effectively because they will not hit the pads as hard as since it hurts the wrist to strike.

Jump rope: The jump rope is an excellent conditioning tool that can be used as a warm-up, the actual exercise, or the cool-down.  A lot of martial arts schools in Maryland that teach muay thai gets their students to jump rope because it improves their cardio and their foot work.

Shinguards:  You will be much happier training when you have shin pads especially when you are first starting out and you are not used to kicking. Often situations will come up where you are drilling techniques and one person is throwing a roundhouse kick and the partner is shielding it. The student shields their partner’s roundhouse kick and both students shins are in an extreme amount of pain. It takes time to deaden the nerves where it will be less painful. Using shin guards in the beginning will allow you to complete the techniques and slowly build up the tolerance. In time when you start to do live sparring you will all need to use the shinguards to protect your legs from injuries.

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