Retire on the Beach in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has quickly become what Costa Rica was 20 years ago.  It is now the place where baby boomers are looking to retire.  Nicaragua has an advantage over other places from weather, location, taxes, expenses and much more.

Retire in Nicaragua on the Beach

When getting close to the age of retirement people are looking for some place that is warm year round.  They are not looking for some cold place where 30 below is the norm for 6 months out of the year.  Instead they are looking for some place where stepping outside in flip flops in December is the norm.  Nicaragua provides that with just two seasons that have nothing to do with temperature.  There is a raining season and a dry season.  The dry season consists of no rain for 6 months and the raining season usually has a short afternoon shower that usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes. 

Location is a big factor when deciding to retire overseas.  Nicaragua is perfect because it is short flight from Managua to the US.  To Miami it is about two hours and to Houston it is about three hours.  There are also direct flights to Atlanta and Los Angeles.  Retirees are able to get on morning flight and be with family in the US by the afternoon.  

Best of Retiring in NicaraguaThe Nicaraguan government has also made favorable tax laws to those choosing to retire in Nicaragua from abroad.  Retirees are able to purchase vehicles in the US and bring them to Nicaragua without being taxed on them.  You can only do one vehicle but every 5 years you can bring another vehicle in.  The law allows you to bring in up to $20,000 worth of your household goods duty free.  Taxes and fees like this could add up but because these are waved for retirees it makes for an attractive retirement destination.  The cost of property and other miscellaneous expenses is considerably lower than in other countries like Costa Rica.  It gives retirees another reason to choose Nicaragua.

Coastal resorts popping up along the Nicaraguan coast are giving retirees lots of options on where to purchase property.  There is the Gran Pacifica building development which is only an hour away from Managua.  There is also the Hacienda Iguana Golf & Beach Resort that is on the beautiful southern coast with many beautiful beaches and surf breaks nearby.  There are also many other building developments getting built such as the Seaside Mariana which is also an hour from Managua and will feature a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.  Retirees may rather retire in the colonial city of Granada which is located next to Lake Nicaragua.  Retirees have many options and there is no wrong answer when it comes to where to retire in Nicaragua.

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